How To Use A Rowing Machine To Lose Weight

It is ideal to use a rowing machine to take off weight – especially when you are too overweight at the moment. The fact that rowing machines require larger groups of muscle in both lower and upper body parts shows their tremendous potential in calorie burning.

Using a rowing machine, not only your thighs and buttocks are toned, but also your arms and back muscles are firmed up altogether. However, saying goodbye to the fat is not as simple as just sitting on the machine then rowing. Indeed, you need to know the best way to optimize the benefits you get from spending your time on the rower, and, that requires some science up front. Luckily, it is not too strenuous.

Set Up Your Goal

At the starting point, you should probably set a 20-minute target on the rower. Gradually, stretch that target to a larger time proportion when your stamina permits. Row quite slowly at the first minute and then speed up for the next 30 seconds or more due to your capability.

This sudden increase in speed will boost your cardio fitness and stimulate the calorie burning process, thus paying a great contribution to your slimming effort.

Changing Up Your Routine

Making use of a rowing machine to particularly lose weight is perhaps the best decision you have made for your goal. When your stamina is developed, start maintaining a higher pace and verifying your speed burst.

Do the first 30-sec-burst and return to your normal pace, then do another speed burst of a whole minute.

Pacing Weight Loss

Super-fast weight reduction sounds like alluring promises; however, they are often accompanied by unsustainable changes in lifestyle such as dehydration or extremely controlled diets. You will instantly put on weight the time you stop those changes inevitably.


Despite the fact that losing about 1 or 2 pounds weekly appears not “fast” at all, that figure will then amount to a remarkable loss of 50 to 100 pounds after a year.

If you reduce your weight on a regular basis with the help of a rower, such a sustainable life change can help you take off your weight faster in the long run.


You must apply proper technique to receive the complete benefit from a rowing machine. Instead of just sitting still with your hands dragging the handle and your feet scooting back and forth, you should begin with a stout leg drive, pushing back your seat.

At the end of the leg drive, slightly lean back from your hips – just like the clock hand swinging between 1 o’clock and 11 o’clock – and quickly hold the handle into the lower ribs. Next, you reverse that motion by stretching your arms and hinging forward from the hips then bending your knees to prepare for another stroke.


According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the advisable time amount spent on exercising should range from 60 to 90 minutes daily if you want to rebuild your body shape.

Provided you don’t force yourself to train, then it is likely that the calorie burning and weight losing process is boosted in accordance with your exercising frequency.

Another thing to be noted is that you need to take one day off training and be careful with such overtraining symptoms as unusual fatigue or increased pain in muscle and joint, sleeplessness or increased resting rate of heartbeat.

Mild soreness can be ignored and you can continue exercising; however, if rowing is making your muscles suffer from severe pains, then you should perform a gentler cardio or take a rest till the pains abate.

Tracking Your Calorie Burn

Harvard Health Publications show that if your weight is 125 pounds, you can possibly burn around 510 calories per hour by strenuous stationary rowing. The more weighted you are, the more calories you can burn.

For example, you weigh 185 pounds then 754 is the number of calories you can burn every hour. Even though you are somewhat lightweight, you still have the chance to increase the amount of burned calories by means of exercising harder.


Try to include some short periods of high intensity (either by speeding up your rate of stroking or using increased resistance for a short time) in between your long exercises.

A 500- 1,000 range of burned calories per day will result in 1-2 pounds reduced per week. If you are well tolerant of this activity, it is possible for you to increase your goal of burning calories to get in good shape soon.


Since a rower offers a full body exercise, your weight loss schedule will start to give you a much slimmer and well-shaped body. What you receive in the long run is a healthy and fit body. Along with a rowing machine, diet also plays an important role in taking weight off.

Each 3,500 calories burned off and not refilled with food will result in a 1-pound loss of fat. However, it doesn’t mean you have to starve yourself. Failure to consume sufficient nutrients for fueling your body’s heightened activity levels actually means that your stamina is reduced, which will challenge your weight loss effort.

Enhance your slimming program by a nutrient-rich diet that contains fewer calories. It is common knowledge that you can eat fruits and vegetables as many as you like, coupled with appropriate helpings of lean protein and cereals. This makes you stay healthy without filling up all the calories you try hard to burn off.

Hence, it is necessary for you to eat healthily to obtain your goals. Remain consistent and eat properly then you can see the results you are working out for.

Undoubtedly, using a rowing machine is a wonderful choice to take off weight. The moment you see the very first results, it gets easier for you to persist and achieve your goal. Just bear in mind these key points:

  • Working out in a proper form: Hold the handlebar, bending your legs at a right angle. Push back and drag the handle toward you. Stretch your arms in front of you while sliding forward then redo it.
  • Remain at a fixed pace.
  • Do a speed burst while going fast, which varies from 30 seconds onwards.
  • As your stamina increases, so does the time amount spent on the rower.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.

Using a rowing machine in your weight loss program is beneficial to yourself and is a great method to lose weight. Only such a machine can help you achieve your healthy goal, take off weight and have great fun. An additional advice is that bring you a workout partner to be always motivated and reach your goals together. Your friends will be thankful to you if you share this article. Help them understand more about How To Use A Rowing Machine To Lose Weight.