10 Resistance Band Exercises for Shoulders

Have you been experiencing any pain in your shoulders lately? Why don’t you try doing some resistance band exercises for shoulders? These will definitely help you a lot in relieving your pain and even making your shoulders a lot stronger than before.

If you have looked into the top 5 best resistance bands online, you would know how beneficial these exercise tools are. Resistance bands provide a training method that greatly helps alleviate and reduce shoulder pain without doing other extensive and advanced exercises. When you use them, your shoulders will tend to become stronger and thus, get rid of any pain. It will even make your shoulder less susceptible to injuries.

10 Resistance Band Exercises for Shoulders

Resistance band exercises are very easy to perform and follow. You do not need so many things to do this, not even a dumbbell. All you need is the resistance band and your most comfortable workout outfit or gear.

Now, here are some examples of resistance band exercises that you can do for your shoulders:

1. Shoulder Press. For this exercise, you need to remain in an upright or standing position. Step in the middle of the elastic band with both of your feet. Grab the handles and pull them to the front, across your shoulders with your palms facing forward. Make sure that your shoulders and your feet are in the same width. Bend your knees a little bit and then, push your arms up and strongly pull the band. Lower both handles down to your ear level and make sure it does not go any lower. Take a deep breath and release. Repeat the step eight to twelve times, or as many times as you can.

Resistance Band Exercises for Shoulders - shoulder press

2.Front squat. In this exercise, you have to stand on the band with your feet slightly wider than your shoulder’s width. Hold both handles and raise the band over your shoulders. Slowly bend your knees and sit down with your chest up. Rise to get back to your upright position and repeat the step eight to twelve times.

3.One arm. Place the band low on your left side and grab one of its handles with your right hand. Raise the handle to the right until it passes in front of your thighs. Slowly raise it until your arm is parallel to the floor. Let it go back down and repeat the step. After eight repetitions, do this exercise with your left arm.

4.Standing Reverse Fly. Reverse fly exercises do not only strengthen your shoulders, but it also works on your back region. To do this, fully extend your arms to your front. Grab both ends of the elastic band with your hands and make sure they are shoulder width apart. Move your hands sideways by pulling both ends of the band. Repeat the step eight times.

Resistance Band Exercises for Shoulders - Standing Reverse Fly

5.Overhead pull. This resistance band exercise is a little bit similar to the previous exercise, the Standing Reverse Fly. However, for this one, you need to pull both ends of the band on opposite sides over your head. To do this, hold the band above your head and extend your arms. Make sure that your arms are shoulder width apart. Pull the bands repeatedly in a controlled manner.

6.Lateral raise. This kind of resistance band exercise is great for enhancing your deltoids’ lateral region. To do this, step in the middle of your resistance band. Bend your knees a little and stabilize your body. Keep both of your hands on each of your sides. Grab the ends of your band and raise your arm laterally to your shoulder level.

7.Push-up. Push-ups may be a common exercise, but for this one, you will try to work with a resistance band. Drape your resistance band across your upper back while you are in a planking position. Loop the ends of your band through each of your thumbs. Place your hands on the ground with your palms on the floor and while you lay face down. Make your glutes and abs contract and push straight up until you extend your arms fully. Lower your body again until your chest touches the floor. You may repeat this step as many times as you can.

Resistance Band Exercises for Shoulders - push up

8.Front raise. What you will like about this exercise is that it will protect and strengthen your muscle fibers in the anterior region of your deltoids. To do this, place your resistance band under your feet by stepping on it. Grab each end of the band with your hands and point your thumbs up. Place your hands on each of your sides and raise them up to your shoulders’ level. Move it down to release the band and repeat the exercise.

9.Across your body shoulder stretch. This one is a great and effective exercise as it will help increase the mobility of your shoulders. To start this exercise, grab one end of your resistance band with one hand and place it across your hips. Then, with your other hand, grab the other end of the band and position it at the center of your chest. Extend your arms and move the bands from the starting position.

10.Behind the back shoulder stretch. For this exercise, hold the ends of your resistance band. Raise your right arm with one of the band’s ends over your head and bend your elbow. Try to reach the middle of your back. Move your left arm that holds the other end of the band and place it behind your back. Bend your arm and try to reach your right hand in that position.


There are still many resistance band exercises for shoulders that you can do. You can even improvise and do your own steps since you can basically use your resistance band in any exercise you want to do. I hope that these simple exercises I have shared with you will help you a lot in making your shoulders stronger and more injury-resistant.

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