Best Resistance Bands Reviews- Improve Your Workout With The Best Resistance Bands

best resistance bands reviews

The best resistant bands are a fundamental part of any workout program, whether this is at home or at the gym. These resistance band reviews can help you choose the best top bands as well as achieve a number of training goals at home and simultaneously assist you in exercises that you are not yet that comfortable in doing.

After looking at multiple different resistance bands, we have narrowed down the selection the top five that we believe will give you the best possible value for your money. These resistance bands have all been quality tested and they have matched up to our standards of quality

Before we dive into the top resistance bands, there are a few things that you will need to understand about resistance bands and how they work.

5 Best Resistance Bands Recommendation

Best Resistance Bands Quick Comparison

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Most Important Things To Know About Resistance Bands

1.Why Is Strength Training Important?

The main reason most people take up training is to lose weight and the world has established that notion of cardio will lead to weight loss. While that is true, strength training has also been known to increase weight loss and also help with toning the body. Strength training increases the base metabolic rate of an individual and this will lead to better weight loss capabilities.

Strength training is also great for enhancing the overall bone mass and the muscle mass in your body and with resistance bands; you can do this all from the comfort of your home.

2.What Is A Resistance Band?

A resistance band is made of a stretchable plastic material and rubber properties have been included to help make it stretch even more. There are two types of resistance bands which are commonly used and which you will see on our list.

  • Tubular bands: Tubular bands are the most common bands and they are comprised of a rubber tube with a plastic overlay. These bands are good for strength and gym like activities and they also feature handles and metal clips for mounting.
  • Round latex band: The round latex bands complete a full 360-degree circle and these bands are designed to stretch extremely far. The round latex bands are more commonly used for rehabilitation and strengthening smaller muscles, but they can also be used for assisting you whilst training strength exercises

Resistance bands are extremely beneficial and can be used for various activities inside the gym and at home.

3.Benefits Of Resistance Bands

As we have already mentioned, resistance bands can be used at home or in the gym, thus giving you multifunctional use and allowing you to workout wherever you need to. But, let’s look at a few more benefits of resistance bands:

  • Allow you to train the entire body: Resistance bands will allow you to train your entire body and you will be able to do this in the comfort of your home. There are multiple exercises which can be done with resistance bands and we will look at the in a moment.
  • Can be used anywhere: Resistance bands are easy to place and mount on most sturdy objects and this will allow you to use them almost anywhere you need to. Resistance bands can even assist you with exercises in the gym.
  • Cost effective method: Gym fees can be really expensive, but with resistance bands, you can get a free workout at home. This could save you a lot of money and there will be no need to head to the gym and pay those enormous fees.
  • Efficient for all training levels: As you will notice in our list, there are many combination packs with more than one resistance band in them. This means that you will be able to use them at any tension strength you desire as well as at any fitness level.
  • Portable: resistance bands do not take up a lot of space and they can easily be stored. The bands can also be carried along when traveling, thus allowing you to work out from any location

Now that you understand a little more about what the resistance bands are and how they will benefit you, let’s look at a few of the most common workouts that you can use these bands for at home:

4.Resistance Band Workouts

There are multiple different workouts that you could use the resistance band for. Many of these workouts will require you to go to the gym, but others can also be done at home. We will look at a few of the top resistance band workouts and how you could benefit from them:

  • Squats: By standing on the bands or even mounting them on a bench behind you, you can perform squats with the resistance bands. Simply stand shoulder width apart with your feet and hold the handle at your shoulders and perform a full squat.
  • Bent over rows: Bent over rows is a little easier and you will need to bend over at 45 degrees while maintaining a straight back and. One foot will be standing on the band and the other supporting your weight. Now you can simply perform a rowing motion with your arms. After one set you can alternate your feet
  • Horizontal chest press: Horizontal chest press can be performed by lying flat on the floor or on a bench. Simply lay on top of the bands and start pressing the handles toward the ceiling simultaneously
  • Bicep curls: Everyone loves doing bicep curls and as long as your bands have handles, this can be easy to do. Simply stand on the bands and curl your arms up to your chest from your sides.
  • Vertical chest press: By performing the same motion as with the horizontal chest press, you now only need to stand upright and bent over 45 degrees with the band attached to a sturdy support at the back. Now perform a pressing motion. As you get better, you can also start incorporating flyes

Now that you know a little more about the resistance bands and how to use them, you will need to know which features are the most important when it comes to purchasing resistance band. The resistance bands are quite affordable, but you will still want value for your money and great durability.

With that being said, let’s look at some of the top resistance bands of 2017 and how these bands could help you improve your workout substantially

Best Resistance Bands Reviews

1.Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set With Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, And Resistance Band

best resistance bands reviews - Black Mountain Products Resistance BandThe Black Mountain Products Resistance band set is one of the more complete sets of resistance bands on the list. The bands all vary in color as well as resistance, thus making this the perfect combination for multiple people in the family to use.

The bands all feature metal clippings on the ends and these clippings will give you the opportunity to easily clip them to most of the objects in the gym and also around the house. These clippings will also give you a lot of versatility to play with.

Furthermore, the bands include a door anchor and handles for you to vary the exercises and to ensure that you can comfortably perform each workout. The bands are also available in the heaviest 30lbs red band that is commonly used by body builders and will allow you to have something to strive towards training with.

Finally, as with all the top resistance bands, you will find a complimentary branded bag to make the transportation of your bands much easier and also allowing you to travel with them.

We highly recommend these bands for the value that they give in terms of the multiple different tension weights. The price is also really affordable and you will be working out with them for a very long time.

  • Multiple different bands provides versatility
  • Really affordable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Great for home use
  • There is a lack of grip on the handle

2.Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise 5 Bands with Instructional Booklet ,Carry Bag, eBook and Online Videos

best resistance bands - Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise 5 BandsThe Fit Simplify Resistance loop bands are a little different from the common longer bands. These bands are some of the ideal workout resistance bands that you will be using for rehabilitation and even be improving some of the smaller muscles to help prevent any injuries.

The bands have been constructed from 100% natural latex and they are also extremely durable. These bands will be great for High-Intensity Interval workouts and they can simply be placed around any sturdy object for use.

Unfortunately, without handles, these bands will limit you to exercises, but you will receive a free ebook as well as workout videos to demonstrate to you how to use these bands. We highly recommend these bands for people struggling with injuries and looking to prevent smaller muscle problems. These bands are extremely cheap for the entire combination.

  • Great value
  • Added ebook and workout videos included
  • Really affordable
  • 100% natural latex construction
  • Really thin and lack durability

3.WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band, Stretch Resistance Band – Mobility Band – Powerlifting Bands – Extra Durable and Top Rated Pull-Up Assist Bands – with eGuide – SINGLE BAND or SET

bet resistance bands - WODFitters Pull Up Assist Band, Stretch Resistance BandStruggling with Pull ups? Well, the WODFitters pull up to assist and stretch resistance bands will be the perfect addition to your collection of training equipment. The bands are quite expensive and unlike most of the other sets, this is not a combination.

These bands will be perfect for improving your resistance to exercises and even giving you that extra push when you are performing exercises like pull ups. The resistance bands will also allow you to train at home and they can be attached to any sturdy object. You will also receive an ebook as a guide to help you understand some of the fundamentals of training with resistance bands

Since they are expensive, we recommend them more professional trainers. These bands are really durable and if you can afford to buy all of them, it is highly recommended and you will also have a lot of functionality.

  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to mount anywhere
  • Includes an ebook guide
  • Really expensive

4.BODYLASTICS 12 PCS Patented Anti-Snap Resistance Bands Set

best resistance bands - Bodylastics Anti-Snap, Stackable MAX XT Resistance BandsThe BODYLASTICS 12 piece patented anti-snap resistance band set is one of the more complete sets on the list and it will also provide you with a lot of versatility, as well as the opportunity to use them for workouts. You will receive a door anchor and an adjustable ankle strap among other items to ensure that you can perform a complete workout at home.

You will receive 6 different bands, varying in tension and weight and all of them have metal clips, which will make it much easier to mount them on objects for training. Exercises for the smaller muscle groups can also be performed with the added handles.

We highly recommend these bands for the value that they provide and the fact that you will be able to train easily from home. These bands will be great for the whole family and since they are really versatile, you will be able to use them at the gym as well.

  • Huge set of versatile bands
  • Great for all aspects of training
  • Extremely durable
  • Rope in the middle prevents full capacity stretch

5.Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands

bet resistance bands - Limm Exercise Resistance Loop BandsThe Limm Exercise resistant loop bands are also the ideal bands to be used for rehabilitation and for improving the strength of the smaller muscles. These bands are in the form of loops, so they will be versatile and easy for you to mount to any object and start training.

The straps are about 12 inches long and they can also be stretched further to make them some of the ideal resistance bands for Pilates. These bands are also commonly used for yoga and you will receive a complete set of different tensions, thus making them perfect for most training uses.

We highly recommend these bands for the value they provide, but they will be best suited for yoga or recovering from injuries.

  • Really cheap
  • Provides versatility
  • Will speed up rehabilitation of muscles
  • Extremely durable
  • Limits a number of workouts you can do

Final Thoughts

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we hope that you now have a better understanding of how to use resistance bands and how they can improve your training. We would like to recommend the Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set as our winner and with all the versatility it provides, we believe that you will be able to complete any training workout, whether it is at home or at the gym.

We would like to encourage you to let us know what you think of our list and if you think we might have missed any of your favorites. Please also tell us why you have chosen that specific band or band set as the best resistant band. Please also let us know what you think of our resistance band reviews.