4 Reasons Why Kettlebells Are So Effective

You want to be sure that your workout is doing exactly what it’s supposed to do for your body, so why not try to make the most of it? Kettlebells, a popular form of exercise equipment, are gaining in popularity because of how effective they are at toning and strengthening your muscles. Have you ever wondered why kettlebells are so effective? Keep reading as we dive into four reasons why kettlebells are so effective for building muscle, increasing cardio, and keeping you lean and fit.

Workout Variety

The first reason why kettlebells are effective relates to the incredible variety of activities that you can perform using this relatively small piece of equipment. An adjustable kettlebell would work best to maintain a wide variety in your workout, but there are a number of possible workout moves including:

  • Tosses
  • Overhead presses
  • Bent presses
  • Windmills
  • Juggling
  • Swings

One of the many reasons why kettlebells are so effective is because you constantly fine-tune the areas of your body that you desire to workout. Overhead presses can focus on your upper body muscles while windmills help you to build long and lean muscles in your lower body and core.

Most popular among the various workouts is the kettlebell swing. A kettlebell swing works almost every muscle group in your body: your legs, glutes, biceps, triceps, and core.

In order to perform a kettlebell swing, you will grip your kettlebell with one or two hands (depending on your preference) and perform a squat with the kettlebell placed between your feet and behind the body. As you rise up, you will swing the kettlebell until your arms are perpendicular to the rest of your body. Done quickly, this action can also significantly increase your cardiovascular health.

Low Impact

Why are kettlebells effective? Some of the answer lies in the low-impact nature of the workouts themselves. Whether you are doing slower movements that require controlled movements or ballistic movements to boost your cardiovascular health, a kettlebell workout is easier on joints and extremities than some other forms of workouts.

As a result of the natural flow of moving through the workout from one position to the next, it allows you to work your body more often and harder without the same wear and tear on ligaments and joints.

Chiropractors are beginning to recommend kettlebell usage with patients who need some gentle rehabilitation. By increasing your core strength, you can also increase stability and spine health as long as you perform the workouts with integrity and mindfulness of your alignment. Your abdominal muscles and spine will benefit from this type of workout the most, but you should also notice an increase in the flexibility of your shoulders from continued usage.

Burn Some Fat

The main attraction of many workout enthusiasts is to burn fat quickly and easily. Beyond just bulking up certain muscle groups, a kettlebell workout will help you to burn fat quickly with ballistic exercise. Popular workout options like the Turkish get-up and the windmill can drastically increase your core strength and give you some clearly defined muscle in your abdomen. The combination of repetitive weight lifting with the explosive movements of some of these workout choices can give you some serious strength in your core muscles.

Why are kettlebells effective at burning fat?

The American Council on Exercise recently found that the average kettlebell workout can burn 20 calories each minute. As a result, a one-hour workout burns more than 1,200 calories which can help you to shed weight quickly and easily. If losing one pound of fat requires roughly 3,500 calories (the amount can vary depending on a number of outside factors), it can be easy to see why kettlebells are so effective. Even a short workout produces a large dent in that calorie deficit.

Improve your Heart Health

One of the reasons why kettlebells are so effective is the way they can drastically improve your cardiovascular health. While we touched on that topic in previous sections, the reality of how drastically it can improve your heart health is impressive. A recent study from the American Council on Exercise found that eight weeks of biweekly kettlebell training can improve your aerobic capacity by 14 percent.

You will be able to continuously increase your workout with either heavier kettlebells or an increased length to continue to target core sections of your body. Your heart will be healthier than it was before, and you should find yourself less winded than you did previously, even when it comes to basic daily tasks like climbing the stairs or going for a short jog around the block.


Why are kettlebells effective at improving your overall level of fitness? The reasons behind the effectiveness of a kettlebell are numerous, ranging from the variety of workout options, the ease with which you can burn fat, and how quickly it can improve your heart and spine health. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section!

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